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Increasing productivity is our number one goal when it comes to a custom development project for our customers.  With an emphasis on ease-of-use, our systems can take a once cumbersome and time-consuming process and turn it into an efficient, lean process.

A labor union was unhappy with their current process when having their members certified in welding.  Due to the manual process, they spent quite a bit of time deciphering handwriting and recording, making copies, and distributing the completed forms to the respective agencies.  Typically, it would take approximately 5 minutes to process a welding certification once it was completed.  All of their records were physical, which lead to difficulties in searching for and resuming aged certifications.  We were tasked with the following:

  • Process Improvement
    The new system must cut processing time by at least 50%.
  • Form Replication
    The outputted digital forms must resemble the physical, official documents 100%.
  • User Experience
    As users from a wide range of skill levels, the system must be straightforward to use.
  • Digital Signature
    Just as the physical forms required signatures, so must the digital versions.

To increase productivity, we examined each step of the current process.  Below are the solution opportunities that we discovered.

  • Interface
    By creating an easy-to-use interface, we can cut down the time it takes administration and the user’s registration process.
  • Going digital
    By recording all of the user’s information through the system, we can eliminate inconsistencies, errors, and delays.
  • Process tracking
    Each certification in one system, from start to finish, ensures that incomplete certifications are tracked and not forgotten.
  • Email alerts
    By alerting the administrative office when certification is complete, we can ensure that certifications are processed on time and as needed.

The client has been using our system for over 4 years now.  Typically, it would have taken approx. 5 minutes to process a user’s certification.  Instead, they are happy to report that each certification takes approx. 1 minute now to complete.  Maintaining in-progress certifications has also been made easier.  Overall, the client is thrilled with the application, and we have developed several more applications for them.

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